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The Story Behind the Story

Always, Always, Always in the news!

Paige Hulsey, local news anchor for KMOV interviewed me for “Turn the Page with Paige,” a segment that highlights local authors. As a fellow boy Mom and published children’s book author herself, she was so easy to talk to, and we connected very easily. We were first introduced via a children’s boutique store owner, Marilyn, who was carrying my book at her adorable store - Lass and Laddie - in downtown Kirkwood. Paige spotted my book and questioned Marilyn about the author, who then told her what she knew about me. A few short weeks later, a spot opened up in their recording schedule, and Paige asked me to come in for an interview! I was shocked, nervous, excited, hopeful, and mostly grateful for the opportunity.

Here we are… on the set of KMOV - my first official interview for TV - with cameras, lights, teleprompters and all! In complete coincidence, it ended up airing on World Storytelling Day - March 20th, 2024.

While I wish I could go back and put on a headband… I am proud of myself! I did not stumble over my words or say anything super weird (like I was worried I might!) Preparing for my interview allowed me to really sit down and focus on my author journey, and the timeline of creating it from beginning to end. And now, I have a video to share to articulate the meaning behind the saying my late father and I shared. The purpose behind my writing - and my continued inspiration with sharing the message of unconditional love.

So, if you find yourself here, and you don’t already know the story behind my story - give this a listen. Paige Hulsey did a wonderful job asking the right questions and guiding me to share the WHY behind Always, Always, Always in a way that honors my true intentions for my book.

Watch the full interview here!

Turn the Page with Paige - KMOV

It was an honor to be interviewed - a truly amazing opportunity, and a unique, unforgettable experience. I hope to go back someday with a new book to talk about!

Fun Fact: Paige is a MAUTHOR too - and has a book out in the world: A Bad Day Fishing

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