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Hello! Let me introduce myself...

My name is Audrey Copenhaver Nixon. I am an English teacher, avid reader, and creative writer, born and raised in the midwest. When I am not playing pickleball, or exploring a national park (with my husband, dog, and son), I can be found cozying up to a caramel latte in the local coffee shop.

Inspired by both personal grief and joy, writing has long-been my creative outlet. Over the years, this expression has become a collection of poems, journaling, and a hodge-podge of ramblings that I have kept to myself. 


First-time motherhood has reignited my passion and led me to publish my first book, Always, Always, Always - a gift for my baby, and a dedication to my late father. 

Check out the most aesthetically pleasing version of my latest reading, writing, and coffee drinking on Instagram: @_onceuponalatte_

Love, Audrey

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