While this is admittedly probably the least fun part of my site, it’s very important and reading it in it’s entirety will make our time that much more enjoyable & natural. 

Screening, Contact and Discretion 

  • Please contact me with the upmost integrity and respect. Any lewd or offensive messages will receive no response from me. You’ll hear from me as soon as I have finished screening you. If you’ve filled out my booking form in it’s completion and have not received a response from me, please contact me directly at  

  • I do not work with an assistant and value your discretion. I regularly rid of contact information from my inbox. I hold discretion on a very high pedestal. That being said, I expect the same respect from you at all times. 

  • Because I value our privacy, I do not participate in review culture. I ask that you refrain from publishing anything about our time anywhere. After our date, I always appreciate a nice email or hand written note.

Once we meet 

  • If I am coming to you, have the donation in plain sight. It is distasteful to have me inquire about it. 

  • If you are coming to me, place it in plain sight and excuse yourself to freshen up.

  • If we are meeting in public, get creative: place the donation in a gift bag or a book you’d like to share with me

Deposits & Cancellation 

  • I understand life can sometimes throw unforeseen and unwanted curveballs at us. However, I go to great lengths to prepare for our time together and reserve the right to implement the following cancellation policy: 

    • New friends who cancel within 24 hours incur a 25% cancellation fee 

    • Established friends who cancel witin 24 hours incur a 25% cancellation fee that can be applied to our rescheduled date.

  • On a rare occasion of me cancelling, the deposit will be returned immediately or can be applied to our rescheduled date. 

  • I do not maintain a permanent incall but would be happy to arrange one for us if you’re someone who prefers that I host. Deposits are required for all incall dates and can be made via Amazon gift cards sent directly to my email

    • Amazon has made this process very user friendly & discreet.


  • Hygiene is extremely important to me. Please be neatly groomed, from hair to nails, to clean socks and everything in between. If you need to excuse yourself to take a quick shower, please do so.

  • If you’re thinking about bringing a gift.. first, oh you shouldn’t have! I’m a giver, so being on the opposite end of that definitely puts a smile on my face. And then I just want to give more. Second, please see my about me page to gather some ideas. 

  • I am always dressed appropriately and (a wee bit) overdressed for any occasion. Whether we’re dining out, going dancing or meeting in a private setting, I am always dressed in my best attire for the event. Be sure to check out my Twitter feed for candids of me out on the town.

©2018 by Audrey Nixon